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NHS Dispensing
You can choose how you want your prescription to be dealt with. You can organise for us to collect your prescription from your surgery, or you can collect it yourself. If we collect it, then it will be ready within 24 hours for you to pick up, depending on your surgery's repeat prescribing policy. If you bring it in yourself, depending on the time of day, the script should be ready within 15 minutes or so. We usually dispense in child proof containers but can use ordinary lids if you request it. If you qualify, we may be able to provide you with an aid to taking your medicines - Ask at the counter or by eMail etc
Repeat Dispensing
If you are a suitable candidate for this service your GP will be able to send enough prescriptions to cover up to twelve months treatment. You will still have to come back to the pharmacy for each supply but you will avoid the need to ask the GP for a new prescription every month. You can, of course visit your GP any time you feel unwell as normal.
Collection and Delivery Service
This pharmacy operates a prescription collection service from our local surgeries. For further details ask any member of staff.
If you have told your surgery it is what you want, you can order your prescription over the phone from us and we will then order the script from your surgery and collect it when it's ready. We will even deliver it, if you wish.We will deliver your 'script to your home if you are housebound.
Nursing homes
We provide a service to nursing homes, Please ask a member of staff.
Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (ETP)
In the foreseeable future (pilots are already running) your GP will be able to send your prescription securely via electronic links to the pharmacy of your choice. Our computers will be capable of receiving these prescriptions which will make life much easier for you by reducing visits to the GP.
Problems taking your medication?
We can provide a variety of systems to help you - some you need to pay for, and some are provided by the NHS. For further details ask any member of staff.
Safe Storage and Use of Medicines
Medicines are designed to help you with your symptoms but they can be damaging if they are not stored correctly or get into the wrong hands. So here are some simple rules to keep you and your medicines safe
a)      Store them in a cool, dry, dark place, not in the bathroom or kitchen, unless otherwise instructed.
b)      Keep them out of the reach of children. If possible keep a childproof lid on the bottle.
c)      Eye, ear and nose drops and creams should always be thrown away a month after opening
d)      Always check the expiry date on the box or bottle. Discard, by taking them to your nearest pharmacy, if this has past.
e)      Read the instructions on the label and make sure you follow them.
f)       Read the patient leaflet that comes with the medicine to see how it should be stored, any thing you have to be careful about while taking the tablets i.e. avoiding sunlight, and any side effects you might expect.
g)      Drinking alcohol while you are on medication is not a good idea in general and especially bad with some tablets, so ask your pharmacist if you are concerned.
h)      ome tablets individually or in combination can affect your reaction time so you must take care if you are going to drive or operate machinery.
i)       Your tablets have been prescribed for you with your symptoms, they are not designed to be given to other people, who may have other conditions or medications that would react badly to your tablets. So please don’t share.
j)        If you have a minor illness that you want to buy a medicine for, always check with the pharmacist when you are purchasing, that it will not interfere with any tablets you are on from the doctor.
Violent customers
Our staff try hard to give you a good service, but if anyone shows signs of violence or aggression to any of our staff, we reserve the right to refuse to provide any NHS services to them
If you are too busy to arrange an appointment to see your doctor or feel your problem is not severe enough to talk to the GP, you can always call in to our pharmacy. There you will be seen, in private if required, by a highly qualified healthcare professional who can give advice and if necessary supply a remedy or refer you on to a very wide variety of National and local services, if your  problem requires further help.
Lifestyle Advice
With all the information about the best way to live your life constantly being updated, our pharmacist will help you decide what the risks/ benefits are for various diets, exercise regimes, alternative therapies etc.With the ever changing views on how to keep healthy, we can provide an independent source of information on how best to look after yourself and your family.
Managing Long Term Conditions
If you are one of the many people suffering from a long-term illness like diabetes or asthma, our pharmacist can help you with controlling the symptoms, checking your drugs are working and that you are not suffering from side effects. They can also tell you about non-pharmaceutical advice that can improve your quality of life.We can help monitor the various tests that your illness may require and explain what it all means in simple terms.
Healthcare Advice
For minor illnesses or reassurance, you can ask our pharmacist for assessment and treatment or referral to the GP if necessary.
Embarrassing Problems
We have a private area where you cannot be overheard by the public or our staff.
Sexual Health
Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)
If you have had a mishap with your partner and are concerned about becoming pregnant you can buy Emergency Hormonal Contraception from us, but only if you are over 16. They do unfortunately cost approximately £25. If you have had a mishap with your partner and are concerned about becoming pregnant you can get Emergency Hormonal contraception from us for FREE, even if you are under 16.
You will be advised on a wide range of topics which concern you when you are pregnant and once you have given birth.
Men's Health
Everything from sports injuries to Athletes foot to hair regrowth products.
Women's Health
Everything from a boost when your rushed off your feet to menopause advice to the best remedies for your arthritis we are there to help you.
Medicines for children
When your little darlings are under the weather and just need something to help them over the worst of their symptoms we can tell you what’s best for them
Medicines for the elderly
Elderly people have special needs when it comes to medicines. Our pharmacist will be able to advise you what is most effective and safe for you..
Travel Health
We can provide you with a comprehensive service when you are planning foreign travel, including advice on vaccination and malaria prophylaxis, skin protection products, etc
Complementary Therapies
There are so many Complementary and Alternative medicines around that it is very hard to know good from bad. You can trust us for good, independent advice
Health Screening
Do you want to know your Body Mass Index (BMI)? You can find it out by our weighing you, in private, on our scales and giving advice to help your diet if necessary.
Blood Pressure
Or are you worried about your blood pressure? We can check yours quickly and privately and advise you on any further action needed.
How's your cholesterol? Too much can lead to "furring up" and may lead to a heart condition but you can adjust your diet to help. We can explain the best diet for you. If the result is too high your Doctor will be able to help.
Peak Flow Reading (PFR) (lung function)
This is a simple check on your lung function which we can then compare with the results you would expect from your size and age.
Warfarin INR (international Normalisation Ratio)
You only need this if you are on warfarin, but it is more convenient for many people to get this done in the pharmacy.
Computerised PMR
Bitmap You may have noticed that we record all items that you bring in on our computerised Patient Medication Records (PMR). Our computers alert us to any drug interactions or unusual doses. They keep track of what you collected and when, and of any items we may have owed you from your last prescription.
You don’t have to make an appointment to see our pharmacist. You can just drop in and have a chat about any health related problems that may be bothering you or your family. This pharmacy is one of many that are within walking distance from where patients work or live. It is open for at least 40 hours a week and often many more.
We do all we can to ensure easy access to all our patients. However if you have any problems getting to our premises or while you are actually in the pharmacy, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff or call us on the above number.
Data Protection Act
The information we collect as we record your medication is subject to the data protection act.
Freedom of Information Act
Our policy on this is available on request in our pharmacy
We are subject to the same guiding principles of confidentiality that your GP is. We take your privacy very seriously. Any breach of patient confidentiality by any member of staff is a disciplinary matter.
Embarrassing Problems
If you are even slightly embarrassed we can chat about your problem in our private room. We appreciate your concerns and having" heard it all before"  we will give you objective advice.
Personal Records
Only our pharmacists and senior dispensary staff have access to your patient records and that only extends to your medication record and not at this time the GP records.
Complaints and Compliments
If you have any queries or comments about any aspect of this pharmacy (good or bad!) please do not hesitate to let us know. You can tell us any way you like; face to face, in writing, by telephone, letter, fax, eMail, text message etc. If it is something we are doing wrong, then you will do us and all our customers a favour if you give us a chance to fix it. If it is something we are doing right we'll go right ahead and use it in our advertising! We will periodically be sending you questionnaires to find out how satisfied you are with our service, so that is another way you can let us know.
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided by this pharmacy, please contact the pharmacist in charge. If you are still not happy then you may contact the owner or the CQC complaints system.
Yorkshire and Humberside
Disposing of Unwanted Medicines
These days it is very important not to throw any unused medication down the loo or in the bin. To help you get rid of this problem, your local pharmacist will now accept any medication that you or your family do not need. Just drop it in next time you are passing. We regret that unwanted medicines cannot be accepted from nursing homes.
Specialist Services
Our pharmacy will now provide a variety of specialist services to help improve the health of our local community e.g. Care in the Chemist, Smoking Cessation, Helping local schools and Emergency Hormonal Contraception. Have a look at our website to update yourself with the latest services.
Care at the Chemist
If you do not pay for your prescriptions, then this is a new way for you to collect a safe remedy for some minor ailments without you having to visit your doctor. You collect a passport book from your pharmacy, one for each person who wants to join the scheme, and explain the problem to the pharmacist. As long as your problem is part of the scheme you will be given a medicine, from a restricted list, to help. There may be times when you are just given advice.
Stop Smoking
With all the health warnings surrounding smoking and the possibility of it being banned in public, places now is a very good time to give up. But that is easier said then done!! However to help, we have a scheme that allows you to collect up to 12 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy FREE. You just have a chat with our pharmacist who will find out which type of therapy best suits you and your lifestyle and then come back each week for more advice and nicotine replacement.
Weight Management programme
Many people are now finding it very difficult to stay at the best weight for their height. As our lifestyles have become less active, remaining slim is harder. We can help by giving advice on the wide variety of diets that are now available. We can also regularly weigh you and record it so you can monitor your weight loss, hopefully acting as an incentive to help you shed those excess pounds.
Methadone services
If you are struggling to stay away from your drug addiction, we can help by dispensing your methadone prescription in a non judgemental way. We understand that you have many problems that have led you down this route, many not your fault, and that you are trying your best to recover. However, unfortunately,  experience has taught us that many of your fellow addicts can cause problems so we do have strict but reasonable rules that we will ask you to follow while you are collecting your prescription from us.
Syringe Exchange
This is a service that we provide to the methadone addicts in our area. We understand that many of our customers do not like this system but unfortunately, it is a fact of life that there are lots of people who have ended up on drugs with no prospect of changing. One of the main concerns is that they inject heroin which, if they use dirty needles can infect them and anybody who comes in contact with their bodily fluids with HIV. In an effort to stop the spread of this disease, the government has asked some pharmacies to provide a syringe exchange scheme that ensures addicts use clean needles and return their dirty equipment to the pharmacy for safe disposal. This greatly reduces the spread of HIV and keeps you and your family safe from accidental infection.
Medicine Use Review
It has been found that many patients are not really sure what the medicines are for, or they suffer from side effects from them and have decided to stop taking them but they don't want to tell the doctor, or the tablets don't seem to be making them feel any better so why bother. Are you one of these people? We want to help you. We understand that you want to be in control of what you take. You want to understand why you are taking these tablets and to make an informed decision as to whether you will take them or not. We need to get together and have a chat so you are confident about what you are having and why it's important you should take them and if you are adamant you don't want them the NHS saves money by not giving them to you any more. So call and arrange a time that's convenient to us both. We look forward to seeing you.